Achieving industry's top levels of mounting speed and productivity per area of factory floor space



  • Two types of beam variations:
    ∘ 4-beam type focusing on mounting capacity;
    ∘ 2-beam type better suited for handling a wide range of component types;

  • Three types of head variations: 
    ∘ The high-speed head accommodates super-small components to standard sized chips;
    ∘ The multi-head is a type designed for handling standard chips or SOP/QFP parts with an excellent balance of mounting speed and versatility;
    ∘ The flexible-head can handle taller and larger components;

  • Compact machine size:
    ∘ 1 meter in width (direction of production line work-flow) and 2.1 meters in depth;

  • Conveyor system accommodating large-sized PCBs:
    ∘ A dual-lane conveyor layout is adopted to accommodate a wider range of transport formats;

  • Newly developed "ZS Feeder" adopte:
    ∘ New ZS Feeder adds greater speed and a non-stop injection/extraction function;

  • Wide variety of components supply systems.

  • SMT line support software.

  • Variety of options:
       ∘ Built-in automatic tape cutter, the Yamaha Dual Lane System, tray-components supply carriage, coplanarity checker, UPS system, etc.

  • Easy-to-use operating system.
Model Name    YSM40
Applicable PCB    L700*×W580mm to L50×W50 mm
Mounting Capability    Over 100,000 CPH
(using 4-beam format with high-speed head/multi-head)
Mounting Accuracy    Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ): ±0.04mm/CHIP, ±0.04mm/QFP
Repeatability (3σ): ±0.03mm/CHIP, ±0.03mm/QFP
Mounting heads    Choice of three head variations to accommodate various components
 - High-speed head: 0402 - 4532 (metric base), height 3mm or less
 - Multi-head: 0402 - 45×100mm, height 15mm or less
 - Flexible-head: 0402 - 45×100mm, height 25.5mm or less, odd shapes
Component Types    2-beam type:Tape reel 92 types (Max./8mm width)
4-beam type: Tape reel 88 types
(Fixed bank conditions, max./8mm width)
Power Supply    3-phase AC200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10%
Air Supply Source    0.45MPa
External Dimensions    L 1,000 × W 2,100 × H 1,550mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight    Approx. 2,100kg