High-Speed High-Precision Compact solder paste printer



    • * New improved standard solder-paste printer in
 which basic functions and specification are compactly equipped
  • * Robust frame and high-rigid printing table bring high 
  • printing quality, stability, and durability
  • * High-speed printing ability: printing line 
  • tact 15.2 sec. (under optimum condition)
  • * Accuracy for repeated positioning alignment +/-10μm
  • * Graphical layer base alignment function
  • * Conveyor width automatic adjustment
  • * Print inspection camera
  • * Automatic cleaning system


Model YCPⅡ(Model : KHU-100)
Applicable PCB L330 x W250mm ~ L50 x W50mm *with automatic adjustment function of PCB width
Printing heads Double squeegee head (Either metal squeegee or urethane squeegee to be selected)
Printing speed : 2 to 200mm/sec
Accuracy Positioning repeatability (3σ) : +/-0.010mm
Printing line tact 15.2sec (Normal printing :L180x W130mm Under optimum conditions)
12.4sec (Operation time other than printing : Loading PCB + Fixing PCB)
Applicable stencil size
(Note 1)
L650xW550mm L600xW550mm L550xW650mm
Power supply Single-phase AC 200 to 230V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Air supply source 0.55MPa or more, in clean, dry state
External dimension
(Note 2)
L1,315 x W1,580 x H1,310mm (cover top)
Weight Approx. 1,200kg