X-1022 Axiom Semiconductor Dual-Lane Dispenser

Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation


    The Axiom X-1022 is a high-volume dual lane dispensing system for advanced electronics packaging and semiconductor assembly. It is ideal for applications like flip chip and CSP underfill when more than one underfill pass is required, or for applications with long pre-heat cycles. Throughput increases of 60 to 85 percent are achievable with the Axiom’s multi-tasking capabilities.

    When flow-out times are longer than the time to dispense all first-pass lines, a single lane dispenser loses valuable production time. The Axiom X-1022 dual lane system allows parallel processing on two lanes for continuous dispensing, eliminating lost time in non-dispensing activities such as material flow-out and substrate loading/unloading.

    The Axiom dual lane system is also ideal for applications with high heat requirements or long pre-heat cycles. Dispensing can be done in one lane while substrates reach temperature set point in the second lane. The X-1022 system is configured with up to six stations of contact or impingement heating, three stations per lane: pre-heat, dispense and post-heat. The six heat stations ensure precise and consistent substrate heating at specified ramp rates for efficient and highly reliable dispensing. Two additional enhanced pre-heaters can be added to accelerate the heating rate when the pre-heat cycle is longer than the dispense cycle.


Dual-lane dispensing for high-volume applications


  •   Dual lane configuration
  •   Multi-tasking capability can provide a 60 to 85 percent increase in throughput over single lane systems
  •   Independent, software controlled conveyors allow processing of different substrates in each lane
  •   Up to six heat stations ensure precise substrate heating at specified ramp rates
  •   Two additional enhanced pre-heaters reduce time to reach temperature set point for increased UPH
  •   Superior closed-loop control of process variables – fluid weight, flow rate, and substrate heat – for optimized throughput and yield

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