WQB 4000SOPS BGA/QFP Repair system



The WQB 4000SOPS rework system is a well thought-out design concept that combines reliability and maximum process control.  Useful accessories increase the possible uses of these repair work stations. For the universal circuit board repair of BGA, QFP and SMD components. 


Mains supply voltage: 230 V

Power output: 2300 W

Top heating: 700W

Heating plate: large 1600 W (260 x 260 mm)

small 400 W (120 x 120 mm)

Compressed air supply: 400 - 600 kPa

Temperature control: continuously variable 50 °C - 400 °C (150°F -750°F)

Temperature accuracy: ± 10°C (± 18°F)

Air volume hot air: continuously variable 5 - 50 l/min

Air consumption: 60 - 100 l / min