IBL vapor phase - VAC645/665


The Terminator


  • Patented vacuum system in the vapour phase for void free soldering
  • Low process temperatures and time optimized vacuum process
  • Highest precision and process quality with patented Soft Vapour Phase (SVP) Technology
  • Optional Inline-handling (upgrade possible)
  • Board Sizes up to 650 x 640 x 80 mm
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 2-chamber design and integrated heat exchanger
  • Low maintenance due to Cool Handling (all moving parts outside process chamber)
  • Easy touch screen control
  • Easy operation due to soldering automatic and patented process
  • Optional patented IR preheating ideal also for glue hardening
  • Optional patented Rapid Cooling System (RCS) for reduced cycle time and heat reduction of sensitive parts


Modes of operation


Heat Level Mode (HL-Mode)
A simple variation of vapour phases soldering, generates
different, nearly linear temperature profiles. Energy transfer
is controlled by adjustable heating power.

Soft-Vapour-Phase-Mode (SVP-Mode, Patented)
Extremely variable possibility to create reproducible
temperature profiles for different requirements.
Soft-Vapour phase stands for slow stepping into the vapour
phase and the possibility to stay in different positions. Up
and down movements in the vapour phase are freely

Automatic mode
For the optimization of the solder-process the integrated
premium-solder-automatic can be activated in addition in
both modes. This automatically controls the adaptation of
the solder time or the maximum solder-temperature.



• Reduction of voids, even for large area soldering
• Evacuation of the modules in the Vapour Phase
• During the evacuation (vacuum process) the temperature
will be over liquidus at all times
• Maximum process window at minimum temperature
(Lead free solder max. temp. 230°C)
• Optional In-line-operation-system (Patented)
• Easy setup with Touch Screen Monitor
• Maintenance free transport unit (Patented)
• Online profile monitoring with the IBL VP-Control
• IR heater unit for extended preheating (Patented)
• Energy management system for lowest energy
• Lowest consumption of liquid