Two-Piece Tooling for Contact Heating


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation

    Nordson ASYMTEK's two-piece tooling for contact heating features an interchangeable top plate, custom configured for a wide variety of substrate types that are transported using standard-width carriers.

    Contact heat ensures precise and consistent substrate heating for reliable fluid delivery, pre-dispense, dispense and post-dispense. The tooling is ideal for high-volume semiconductor package assembly manufacturing that requires flexible contact heating.

    Interchangeable top plates substantially reduce your investment in tooling in high-mix manufacturing environments. The removable top plates, which are bolted onto the heating block, are machined to your specifications. New top plates can be ordered when your package requirements change.

    Each heated tool delivers up to 1,200 watts for rapid substrate heating. Vacuum part fixturing ensures a reliable, software-managed thermal environment for fluid dispensing. The tooling, equipped with quick-disconnect power fittings, can be easily installed on your Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing system. Flexible and adaptable to your specific needs, our two-piece tooling meets your most demanding dispensing heat requirements.


  •   Substantially reduces investment in tooling with interchangeable top plates
  •   Easy top plate changeover for a mix of package designs
  •   High quality, black-anodized aluminum body finish for durability
  •   Coated exterior to reduce fluid adhesion
  •   Accommodates a wide variety of standard carrier sizes
  •   Quick-disconnect power and vacuum fittings for easy tooling changeover


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