Tape Splicing


Splice Tapes are used to join new reels to depleted reels in the SMT industry, to avoid downtime, and to increase efficiency.


Product Features


The adhesive used in Splice Tape products combines high adhesive strength with superior shear strength making it particularly suitable for a variety of splicing applications. Furthermore the plastic liner is made from anti-static materials.


Technical Data

Din Value ASTM Value

Supporting Base                   Polyester Film

Total Thickness                    0.055mm

Colour                                  Yellow or Blue

Adhesive Strength                4 N/cm

Tensile Strength                   40 N/cm

Temperature Resistance        Up to 130ºC


ESD Properties


Plastic Liner:                       50,000-100,000 Ω/cm




Part Numbers

SST108 & SST408      8mm Single Splice Tape

SST112 & SST412      12mm Single Splice Tape

SST116 & SST416      16mm Single Splice Tape

DST108                        8mm Double Splice Tape

DST112                        12mm Double Splice Tape

DST124                        24mm Double Splice Tape

TSC175 & TSC475      Splice Clip

CST108                        8mm Combined Splice Clip and Tape

CST112                        12mm Combined Splice Clip and Tape