SV 260 - IBL vapor phase




The SV 260 is a fully operational vapour phase soldering
system with conveniently compact footprint.
The 2 chamber system in combination with the frontloading allows a comfortable operation. This supports high
operational quality standards as well as high throughput.



• Ideal for prototyping, small series production and rework
• Compact 2-Chamber Soldering System (Table-Top Unit)
• Program storage incl. standard soldering programs
• TE-Option; one thermocouple adapter for profile
recording with profiler outside
• Easy Operation with Solder Automatic and Heat Level
• Energy management system for lowest energy
consumption incl. standby mode
• Lowest fluid consumption due to internal heat exchanger
• Maintenance free transport unit (Patented)


Standard Equipment / Specification

• Automatic carrier in- and output
• 2 process chambers with internal air-lock separation
• Observation window into process chamber
• Integrated illumination of the soldering chamber
• Monitoring of cooling water and heating chamber
temperature, no overheating
• Automatic fluid filtering and level monitoring
• Integrated cooling blower for board cooling
• Integrated heat exchanger and fluid recovery system
• Variable energy level set-up including program storage
• Automatic or time controlled soldering process (Patented)
• Maintenance free transportation system (Patented)




• Adapter for double sided PCB board
• ReSy, a device for repair of QFP's and BGA's, (Patented)
• Stainless steel grid for work piece carrier
• Cooling device for closed loop machine cooling
• TE-Option for external profile monitoring


Technical data