SV-100 Slider Valve Solder Paste Dispenser



Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation

    Nordson ASYMTEK’s SV-100 Slider Valve dispenses paste-type fluids with metal additives better than traditional needle dispensing, using slider valve technology.

    This technology utilizes high-frequency, piezoelectric-drive actuation to quickly deposit small dots of thick fluids like solder paste and silver-filled epoxies. Lever action aligns valve seats to open a smooth path for fluid flow. Within milliseconds, the holes are forced out of alignment to stop fluid flow, and a dot is formed. The SV-100 is fast and accurate for a range of production requirements, including solder paste dots for passive components smaller than 0603, rework of BGA/QFN electrical connections, lines and patterns for RF shield attach, or unique patterns of conductive epoxy.



  •   Up to 2x faster than auger dispensers
  •   Resistant to clogging
  •   Dot & line deposition capability
  •   Compatible with lead free and no-clean solder pastes
  •   Compatible with Type 4, 5, and 6 pastes
  •   Compatible with silver-filled epoxies 
  •   Dot sizes range fom 300 um to 800 um, depending upon your specific application
  •   Uses off-the-shelf needles
  •   Ideal for BGA/QFN re-work, when screen printing is not an option
  •   Complements screen printing when SMT component mix requires large variation in dot sizes or difficult-to-print dot sizes

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Solder Paste Capabilities with the SV-100 Slider Valve

SV-100 Dispensing solder paste gaskets for RF Shield