Automatic Spray Cleaning System for Stencils, Misprints and De-fluxing


Good cleanliness of the stencils is a decisive parameter for good quality printing. Partially clogged apertures
lead to serious printing errors, which diminish the quality of the assembly process. Growing demands on the
print quality of e.g. BGA, QFP, CSP and other package types requires a very safe cleaning process, which is
not dependent on the operator.
In the same time, it is adventurous to clean eventually misprint and PCB after soldering in the same
equipment. SUPER SWASH is the machine which can do that!

  SUPER SWASH - Flexible solution for high-tech cleaning



  • Universal cleaning solution (PCBA, misprint, stencil in one system)
  • Designed to clean difficult hi-density PCBA with low standoff components
  • Cleaning before wire bonding
  • High throughput & low proces cost cleaning
  • Excelent PUMP PRINT® stencil cleaning. 

   Unique features

  • 4 step process - each split to 5 subprocess
  • Easy process optimization due to glass door
  • Efficient air knife for drip-off and fast drying
  • DI water reclaim plant is integrated
  • Optional selective single-side cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • 3 years warranty on request

   Control system

  • WIN7® based, touchscreen, LAN connection
  • Complete process traceability available
  • Barcode reader for product identification (option)
  • Cleaner concentration measuring (option)
  • Machine event logging
  • Week program for automatic start-up (shut down)
  • Remote support
  • Intuitive control system
  • Three level password protection
  Technical data

Max. dimensions of 

cleaned object

  750 x 830 x 75 mm
Typical cycle time   3-5 min/washing, 2 min/rinsing, 5-10 min drying
Cleaning liquid   (VIGON SC200, VIGON SC202) 60 litres
Rinsing water   75 litres (each tank)
Compressed air supply

  0.50 MPa (50 l/min)

Installed power


  I - 12.5 kW

  II,III - 13.5 kW

  IV - 14.5 kW

Power consumption

during operation

  5 kW (average)

Temperature of washing


  Max 60°C

Max. temperature of hot air

for drying

  Max. 110°C
Air supply for drying

  High-pressure blower


  (L x W x H) 1700 x 1100 x 1700 mm


  550 kg (empty) 

Control system

  Industrial PC, WINDOWS XP®