ESD storage - WEZ Blackline


Our wide range of modular systems provide an excellent
protection against mechanical damage throughout production, storage and transportation due to it’s high impact
strength and stability. High reliability and quality of these
products is guarantied through our ISO-9001 certified
Quality-Management production processes.


The BLACKLINE® stacking containers with

standard base are designed for European
pallets, 1200x800 / 1200x1000 mm. The
different container sizes may be stacked
together in a wide range of configurations.
A rugged and solid construction with minimal
internal draft angle of only 2 mm, ensures
maximum space utilisation in all container
heights. Holes in the top frames allow
integration with other system components such
as lids, Printorama, etc. Shell handles are
included on all containers (except 44 mm
high). Exact dimensional tolerances ensure
that all BLACKLINE® containers retain
compatibility, whatever the age of the product.
Average stack loads are 500 kg. Both
BLACKLINE® and LOGILINE® containers are
fully compatible, a real wez advantage!


The simplest and safest system for PCB
hand ling during production, storage and
transportation. The modular system fits the
BLACKLINE® containers. A practical system
which can be customised for countless
applications with unlimited variations.