Stencil cleaning


It has been estimated that 51-72% of all solder defects are a result of the screen-printing operation. Thus having

a clean and accurate stencil is a major concern. An SMT stencil that has maintained good structural integrity and

has zero contamination within the apertures will produce a better and more consistent print, which reduces

incidence of misprints and downtime.


Preferable products:

Zestron SD100 – Stencil cleaning solvent for cleaning machines; Removes solder pastes; also suitable for stencil underside wipe in printer
Vigon SC200 – Water-based stencil cleaner for non-heated stencil cleaning machines.

Additionally V-SC 200 can be used for underside wipe cleaning in SMT printers.

Removes all solder pastes and all SMT adhesives









Vigon SC 200 technical data

Zestron SD 100 technical data