Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for metal stencil  


Product description - STENCILCLEAN



STENCILCLEAN US is designed like entry-level machine for small and middle-size plant. It assures a reliable cleaning of stencil and misprinted boards.

STENCILCLEAN US works with processes at room temperature.

The full configuration includes DI water rinsing with reclaim of DI water and conductivity monitoring.  It is especially suitable for a simultaneous cleaning of stencil from paste and glue. Machine can be easily moved along the shop. It does not require any plumbing connectionMachine has a semi-automatic transfer system of frames between baths. Transport frames are firmly clamped to the transfer head, but can be quickly released. So, it is possible to work with more frames simultaneously in the machine for high capacity demands.

  • Three-stage equipment for cleaning, rinsing and drying. It can be configured according to the particular process requirements.
  • Handling with goods by means of a hydraulic lifting arm – operator is never in contact with cleaning liquid.
  • System can handle more transport frames with stencil simultaneously  - this results in high process capacity.
  • Minimum footprint  +  machine on the wheels is especially suitable for shops with limited space conditions.
  • Machine does not require compressed air. Electric connection only to a single-phase mains.
  • Full configuration operates as a fully closed system with regeneration of DI water and conductivity measurement.


Technical parameters


Effective bath dimention (L x W x H): 740 x 50 x 740

Max weight/volume of cleaned parts: 6kg / 4,6 L

Cleaning liquid volume: 52 + 22 L (decanter)

Rinsing water volume: 70 L

Electric connection / fusing / plug type: 230V (1 + N + PE), 50Hz, 16A

Insalled power (dependant on machine configuration): 1,7 - 2,8 kVA

Exhaution: 200 m3/h

Weight of empty machine: 320 kg