JB-90A Automatic Solder Paste & Cream Mixer


Automatic, high-speed solder paste mixer improves
paste consistency and print quality and saves time.


Solder Paste Ready to Use in Ten Minutes
If a solder paste jar is opened after it is removed from refrigeration, condensation forms inside the
paste. This leads to defective solder connections. The alternative to using paste right out of the
refrigerator is to let it come to room temperature, which usually means setting out the next day's
solder paste the night before. What happens if you forget, set the wrong paste out, or if an
unexpected need arises during the day? With the JB-90A, solder paste can be ready for use in just ten
minutes, and because it mixes the paste in its unopened, original container, no condensation forms
within the paste.


JB-90A Key Features

• Portable
• Easy to operate
• Easy load/unload
• Universal fixtures accommodate most commercial solder paste containers
• Two-jar capacity
• LED timer display
• Microprocessor control
• Operation time memory
• Timer ranges from 0.1 seconds to 9,999 seconds

Unlike with hand mixing, the JB-90A's strong mixing/kneading power provides even consistency and
uniform mixing every time, regardless of operator skill. Load one or two solder paste jars into the
universal fixture(s), set the mixing time, and press start.
When mixing is completed, the display flashes and the machine emits an audible alarm.
Hands-Free Mixing/Softening
Not only does the JB-90A improve quality, it also frees your operators to do other tasks while solder
paste is being prepped.

JB-90A - Specifications

Dimensions: 15.75"L x 15.75"W x 17"H (400 x 400 x 430mm)
Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)
Capacity: 500g 2 jars
Rotation speed: Motor: 1380rpm Arm: 600rpm
Power Requirement: 110 V, 60Hz, 220 V available
Tin Bottle Diameter: φ60-φ67
Best Mixing Time: 300 sec
Display: LED digital
Alarm: Flashing lights and audible signal
Time Setup: 0.1sec - 9999sec