IBL vapor phase - SLC/BLC series


Modes of operation


Heat Level Mode (HL-Mode) 
A simple variation ofvapour phases soldering, 

generates different, nearly linear temperature profiles. 

Energy transfer is controlled by adjustable heating

Soft-Vapour-Phase-Mode (SVP-Mode, Patented)
Extremely variable possibility to create reproducible
temperature profiles for different requirements.
Soft-Vapour phase stands for slow stepping into the vapour
phase and the possibility to stay in different positions. Up
and down movements in the vapour phase are freely

Solder Automatic
For the optimization of the solder-process the integrated
premium-solder-automatic can be activated in addition in
both modes. This automatically controls the adaptation of
the solder time or the maximum solder-temperature.



• 2-Chamber Batch-Soldering-Machine
• Lead and lead free soldering without changeover
• Maximum process window at minimum temperature
(e.g. lead free soldering at 230°C)
• Easy and comfortable operation through Touch screen
monitor for programming.
• Maintenance free transport unit (patented)
• Live temperature profile monitoring, documentation
and optimization with IBL Software VP-Control (all
data are universally compatible)
• Optional Rapid cooling system (RCS, patented)
• Optional IR heater unit (ideal for glue hardening)
• Lowest running cost through energy management
• Lowest fluid consumption
• Fully electric handling without compressed air


Process cycle

The BLC/SLC series allows the precise processing of
complex PCB boards without time consuming pretesting.
Through combination of the patented IBL Soft-Vapour
Phase with the IBL soldering automatic the system can
run classical vapour phase profiles as well as plateautemperature profiles by simply selecting the suiting
program from the process library.
During operation the sensor based process control
adjusts the temperature points automatically in order to
provide a reliable soldering result.