Totech’s Super Dry Vacuum (SDV) range incorporates a series of revolutionary machines for vacuum packaging of components and PCBs. Ideal for the transportation of goods in addition to long-term storage; our ESD-safe designs deliver a vacuum of 99% by 4 mbar for total reliability at the lowest possible RH.


Constructed from aluminium, the SDV Series enables sealing of all bag sizes, from 320 - 660 mm. In addition, the machines also adapt to every thickness, with programmable sensor controls and parallel welding capabilities ensuring constant welding quality. Our vacuum machines are also a valuable solution for sensitive parts - inert gas is distributed via an innovative gas flush device for reduced contact pressure.


Options and Accessories

• N2 gas flush device
• Trolley
• Humidity indicator card



Technical Specifications

  • Externaldimensions:
    W70 x L70 x H45 (cm)
  • Internal dimensions: 
    W62.5 x L47 x H16 (cm) 
  • Seal length:
    46 (cm)
  • Weight: 
    95 kg
  • Vacuum pump:
  • Connection:
    1-phase 230 V, 50 Hz