S2-930 Series Vented Dispensers for Jetting Selective Flux and Precision Coating

Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation


    With its fully-enclosed, vented design (exhaust venting must be connected to a facility-provided ducting system), including integrated safety interlocks tied into the system’s emergency stop circuit, the S2-930 provides excellent operator safety for hazardous and volatile compound dispensing, such as flux jetting. When paired with Nordson ASYMTEK’s DJ-2200 DispenseJet® valve with coaxial air technology, the S2-930 is the ideal platform for high-speed jetting of thin film coatings as. The system is capable of jetting a wide array of patterns and geometries while maintaining good edge definition (0.5 to 1.0 mm) and minimizing overspray that is common with other spraying techniques and achieving coating thicknesses as thin as 5 μm (material dependent).


    Comprehensive process solutions from Nordson ASYMTEK ensure a maximum return on investment and low cost of ownership. From initial process development through full scale production, you are supported by our experienced worldwide engineering, applications development and technical service network.


The S2-930 is ideal for:

  •   Selective flux jetting
  •   Precision jet coating
  •   Wafer coating before dicing

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