S2-920 Series Scalable Dispensers for Underfill Dispensing and Microelectronics Packaging

Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation


    The S2-920 features a redesigned motion system that is essential to achieving the highest precision accuracy in X, Y and Z axes, enabling you to shrink your package keep-out-zones (KOZs). The S2-920 comes standard with an integrated weight scale and software-controlled pressure regulators to enable closed-loop process controls and the capability to manage up to six heating stations. When dispense location, weight, and volume are critical, there is no better fluid dispenser on the market than the Spectrum II S2-920 system.


    For high-volume production environments, the small footprint of the Spectrum II series (600 mm wide without pre- and post-queue stations) is a significant advantage for maximizing floor space productivity and thereby reducing per part production cost. The flexibility of the S2-920’s modular design allows for easy adaptation and upgrading to accommodate new applications and production requirements. Being able to add additional options and features, such as pre- and post-queue stations, dual valve dispensing, or tilt jetting, removes the need to purchase completely new equipment and further stretches your capital equipment dollars.


The S2-920 is ideal for:

  •   Underfill for flip chip and chip scale packaging
  •   Chip encapsulation
  •   Dam and fill
  •   Thermal compounds

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