S-810 Precision Batch Dispensing for PCB Assembly and Microelectronics Packaging

Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation


    The Spectrum™ S-810 Series system is designed for batch production of advanced dispensing applications that do not require substrate heat, such as SMA, silver epoxy, solder paste, and corner- and edge-bonding. The S-810 provides advanced dispensing process capability in an affordable package, and is ideal for labs, batch production, and new product development.

    The S-810 performs with a wide range of fluids, processes and applications including printed circuit board, electromechanical and display assembly. It easily integrates with most Nordson ASYMTEK jets, pumps, and valves, including the DispenseJet® DJ-9500 and NexJet® System.



Features and Benefits:

  •   Fluidmove for Windows software for easy-to-use programming control
  •   Automatic Pattern Recognition System for accurate identification of global and local fiducials
  •   Advanced process control options can be added, including patented Mass Flow Calibration or Calibrated Process Jetting to automatically compensate for changes in fluid viscosity

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