Quantum® Series In-Line, Large-Format Fluid Dispensing for SMT, PCB, and MEMS

Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation


    The next level of refinement, the Quantum® Q-6800 Series automated dispensing system delivers versatility, productivity and value.


    The Quantum® Series is Nordson ASYMTEK’s latest high-productivity, large-format dispensing system. Its ideal for a wide selection of substrate sizes, fluids, and processes used in electronic packaging and assembly applications. With its sizable dispense area of 423 x 458 mm, the Quantum sytem can easily accommodate larger substrates or dispense on more parts. Its dispense area is also excellent for dual-valve dispensing applications. The Quantum Series provides exceptional value with standard weight scale, LHS and RGB LED lighting for the vision system, and new optional features (CPJ+, Fids-on-the-Fly™ software) extend Quantum’s capabilities.


The Quantum™ Series Dual Action Dam & Fill

The Quantum™ Series Continuous Path vs Conventional


  •   Larger dispense area (423 x 458 mm) ideal for a wide-range of substrate sizes
  •   Supports DispenseJet® and NexJet® jet applicators to dispense fluids “on-the-fly” and Nordson ASYMTEK’s auger valves and pumps
  •   Single or dual-valve configurations provide dispense application flexibility
  •   Integrated weight scale with patented Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) or Mass Flow Calibration (MFC) process control
  •   Standard laser height sensor for fast, non-contact dispense height measurement
  •   Red/Green/Blue high brightness LED lighting to illuminate even the most difficult substrates for fiducial capturing
  •   Continuous Path Motion software reduces jetting line dispense time and increases productivity
  •   Fluidmove® software for Windows® Operating System

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