NexJet System



The next generation in jetting technology: The NexJet® System


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation

    As the leader in jetting technology Nordson ASYMTEK specifically designed the NexJet® System to meet the varied fluid dispensing needs of today’s fast-paced, hi-tech manufacturers.



Easy to Use


    NexJet System offers a unique, long-lasting, one-piece Genius™ Jet Cartridge* that makes the NexJet System sophisticated, yet simple to own and use. Every NexJet System ships with two Genius Jet Cartridges for maximum system availability.




    The Genius Jet Cartridge has built-in memory to store its usage. An optional RFID transceiver in the dispense system communicates with the jet cartridge, reading the cartridge type and number of cycles, which is compared to the recipe to ensure a correct cartridge is installed. It also alerts the operator when the cartridge needs replacement - each cartridge lasts up to 50 million cycles, depending on the type of fluid used. This intelligence enables quality dispensing and consistently high yields.


Flexible and Capable


    The NexJet System’s advanced design also includes new precision software control of the jetting process enabling successful results with both low and high viscosity fluids. This added control expands the process window, ensures stable and repeatable results for high yield production, and broadens the range of jettable fluids and applications.

Available as an upgrade for the Nordson ASYMTEK Spectrum™ II, Quantum® and DispenseMate® Series platforms.

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NexJet System - 2nd Level Underfill Dispensing

NexJet System - Flip Chip Underfill

NexJet System Improves Production Up-time