The Modular Cleaning System For All Application In Electronics Assembly Process

This system consists of several modules – complete machines, configuration of those enables to build a wide range of custom specific configurations for different process and capacity requirements. In some cases it is possible to expand the configuration later after installation at the site. It is also possible to run different processes with different cleaning agent on the same system, but to use common rinsing and drying modules.

Cleaned PCB’s are placed into flat frame holders – in one layer. This configuration helps to increase the efficiency of cleaning process in all it’s steps.


  • A direct high-pressure spray against the PCB surface is efficient not only due to lack of any shadows from high components, but it is very effective for cleaning residues in narrow gaps under components and in very small stencil apertures.
  • In case of ultrasonic cleaning, this flat holder configuration enables to work in so called "narrow ultrasonic field" which has generally better uniformity across the space and better exploits the input energy into ultrasonic transducers.
  • Empty or full cleaning bath has almost the same acoustic impedance. This is essential for safe cleaning results at different electronic assemblies. Process optimization is more simple.
  • The cleaning liquid has a high momentum in the process bath. (The bath is flat, but has almost square dimensions, enables easy to form a circulating stream.) This keeps a high flow velocity of cleaning liquid directly at the cleaned substrate surface. This speeds up the cleaning and rinsing processes.
  • Single-layer placing of PCB’s in dryer helps to keep a high air velocity and thus to make the drying process effective.
  • MODULECLEAN bath configuration enables to use all kind of up-to-date methods of bath agitation for cleaning.

All these design features makes the process faster, lowers the cleaning agent consumption and increase productivity. This is positively reflected in low cleaning process costs of MODULECLEAN.


Product description - MODULECLEAN


MODULECLEAN is not a single machine, it is a concept of physical modules.

Each type of module consists of the process chamber and a complete accessory for reclaim of the used media for the process. A complete energy and air/exhaust distributions belongs to the module. Control system is a central one, with PC, which includes control at all module functions of the whole assembly plus control of frame transfer system.

It is possible to configure three different frame transport systems at the MODULECLEAN.


· Manual transfer system  – TSM.  Each module has a frame lift system. The horizontal transport of frames is accomplished by small carriage, traveling along the rail on front edge of the equipment.  Handling with frames is easy and ergonomic. 

· Parallel transfer system  – TSS.  Transport frames, lifted by means of lifting mechanism of each modules are simultaneously handed-over and transferred to next position by means of a pneumatic shifting mechanism. This system is suitable for production equipment with high throughput and similar process times in each step of the process.

· Robotic transfer system – TSA.  The whole assembly of modules is served by one robotic head, which provides both vertical and horizontal movement of transferred frames. This system enables to use individual programs for different goods (even by using of barcodes on the frames. Serving more processes on one system is possible (different cleaners + common rinsing and drying modules or other process combination). 

Standard modules:

· A  Spray- in-air module 
· C1 – SUI Spray-under-immersion module for solvent cleaning
· C2 – SUI Spray-under-immersion module for water- based cleaning
· C1 – US1/US2 Ultrasonic cleaning system for solvent process 
· C2 – US1/US2 Ultrasonic cleaning system for water- based systems
· D1 – US1 Ultrasonic rinsing module
· D3 Rinsing module for tap water (open loop)
· ER, ER – US1 Rough rinsing with DI water reclaim (+ with ultrasonic)
· EF, EF – US1 Final rinsing with DI water, Ultrasonic DI water rinsing
· F Hot air drying module
· V Vacuum drying module

Control system 

Configurations up to three modules can be controlled by individual microprocessor in each module.

Configurations bigger then three modules are controlled with PC. Control system includes all process parameters. Each process can be programmed by using several sub-processes – a wide range of different parameter combination and sequences enables to optimize cleaning program to the individual needs.

Software can log all process parameters and to issue cleaning protocols where the complete set of  parameters is documented. System can be controlled by means of bar-codes, or 2D code on the frame, or on the product. Automatic downloading of process parameters in the moment according to the customer’s needs is possible.