MH-900 Series Loaders/Unloaders


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation

   The latest generation of material handling equipment from Nordson ASYMTEK sets new standards for safe and reliable loading/unloading of everything from thin strip magazines to large pallets.

    The MH-900 series is configurable for inline or same-side load and unload operation, and supports both single or dual lane conveyors. Loader controls can be integrated with the SpectrumTMII S2-900 Series dispensers or operate independently with other SMEMA equipment. The loaders easily manage a wide range of parts – from extremely thin frames or strips to large heavy boats or pallets.

    Capacity is flexible; the system can handle multiple magazines for reduced loading frequency. PLC control enables future expandability when process needs change.

    Changeover to different magazine and part sizes is quick and easy – no investment in different pusher tips or expensive tooling is required. An optional second shelf increases capacity for reduced loading frequency.


Features and Benefits


  •   Integrated dispensing and dual-lane material handling minimize footprint
  •   Extensive magazine loading capacity maximizes UPH
  •   Multiple workcell configurations include same-side load and unload and loader and unloader
  •   Safe and reliable loading of a wide variety of parts, from very thin strips to large carriers
  •   Multiple sensors enable sophisticated jam detection and prevention
  •   Independent operation with other SMEMA equipment adds flexibility

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