AE-760 resistance meter


The present unit, offered by ETAMA JSC, is used for measuring the resistance of worksurfaces and flooring and is in accordance with ESD Association standards S4.1 (worksurface – resistance measurements) and S7.1 (Resistive Characterization of Materials– Floor Materials). Unlike the competitive products, the present unit provides strict concordance to the standards. The user gets the result, which allows valuing the quality of ESD safe equipment and deviations from the standard. It saves the time and improves the quality of testing.

Brief characteristics:

■ The unit provides measurement of resistance at two voltages, which allows to measure resistance from 1000 ohm to 100 Gohm.
■ Low resistance measurements allow high accuracy control of electrodes. This increases the reliability of measurements.
■ Unique circuit allows voltage on electrodes not less than 100 V when measuring resistance from maximum to 1 mega-ohm and to decrease the lower level of resistance.
■ Low power consumption allows using only standard low voltage batteries.
■ The unit is performed in two models “STANDARD” and “EXPERT”. The main difference is in the construction of electrodes (the construction of electrodes in model “EXPERT” is several times