ESD table mat


   ETAMA JSC is proud to introduce ESD table mat. This ESD mat is a static dissipative industrial grade elastomer designed for use on table and other grounded work bench surfaces. The material is as durable as rigid laminates, and as comfortable and appealing as softer rubber or vinyl mats. Suitable for use with constant monitor systems.

   The material will withstand solvents, soldering iron deformation, not curl and have excellent abrasion resistance. 


Technical specifications:


Electrical properties at 12% Relative humidity


RTT Resistance between two points

2.1 x 107 ohms at 10 volts / ANSI/ESD S4.1

1.3 x107 ohms at 100 volts / ANSI/ESD S4.1

DIN 51953, IEC-61340-2-3


RTG Resistance between point to ground

6.1 x 107 ohms at 10 volts / ANSI/ESD S4.1

5.3 x107 ohms at 100 volts / ANSI/ESD S4.1


Volume Resistivity

After 48 hours at 12% RH 4.6 x 107 ohms-cm


Decay time

100 volts to 50 volts per FTM 101C method 4046,

ANSI/ESD S541 Appendix F, EN 100015/DIN 51953

Meets or exceeds ASTM F-150, NFPA-99, ANSI/ESD

STM 7.1, UL-779, EN 100015, DIN 51953, ANSI/ESD



Physical Characteristics


Hardness: 85+/- 5 Shore A per ASTM D-2240


Abrasion Resistance: Tabor abrasion test h-18 wheel

(1000 cycles) 500 gram load. Under .5 grams loss


Surface Texture: Low glare for user comfort


Temperature Resistance: Withstands soldering iron contact


Cleanability: Mild cleaning solution such as ESD Bio-Cleaner


RoHS compliant

ESD table mat technical data