M1m series AOI - Automated Inspection




Nordson YESTECH’s advanced megapixel technology offers
high-speed device inspection with exceptional defect coverage.

With high resolution and telecentric optics, M1m inspects bond
wires, die placement, SMT components and substrates, all within
a footprint less than 1 sq. meter. The M1m can be put in-line
with your wire bonders or off-line to support several bonders.

A magazine loader/unloader is available for off-line operations.


• Megapixel color imaging
• High magnification top-down viewing camera
• Quick set-up
• High speed
• High defect coverage
• Low false failure rate


Automated Inspection for:
• Missing / damaged wires
• No stick / off pad
• Epoxy defects
• Die defects
• Bump / ball defects
• SMT defects
• Contamination