IS-T-300 – The unrivaled entry level system!


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation



   The system IS-T-300 offers proven InterSelect technology and quality from Germany for entry into selective soldering on an extremely economic base. This is the challenge we’re facing with a radical design change which also results in smaller footprint requirements (1m ²) of the machine.

   Special care was taken that process-quality-related modules from the high-end Inline systems such as solder pot, MicroDrop Fluxer and axis system could be used in this small system. The integrated Windows 7 PC runs the familiar, user-friendly Software.

   Additionally the system already includes one of the best offline solder programming software, the IS-PhotoScan. The IS-T-300 is able to process PCBs up to 300x500 mm at the same speed (200mm/s) like machines with way greater demands on the budget. The ability for remote maintenance reduces service times dramatically so the customer saves a lot of time and service costs.


Model Name   IS-T-300
Max. board size   300 x 500 mm
Machine dimension   L:1165 x W:930 x H:1100 mm
Weight   300 kg
Infrared Pre-heater

  Top side only: 1,5 - 4,5 kW;

  Preheat area: 300 x 300 mm;

Solder module

  One solder module with capacity of 12 kg (22 lbs);

  Lead free titanium solder pot and pump system;

  Suitable for all alloys;


  Pressure: max. 4 bar;

  Consumption: 1,3 – 2 m3/h (adjustable);

  Purity: 99,99%;

Flux system   Maintenance free "Micro Drop Jet" system;
Heat up time   45 - 60 minutes;
Max. temperature