IS-I-460/700 Modular


IS-I-460M and IS-I-700M Modular–Inline-Systems!


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation



    InterSelect Modular systems consist of a flux module, preheat module and solder module. These modules can be arbitrarily set one behind the other in which our customers can adjust the system to their needs perfectly.

  Despite the small footprints of just 1.2 m for the IS-I-460M (1,4m² for the IS-I-700) soldering system can accommodate very large boards of 460x460mm (700x700mm for the IS-I-700) - space efficiency is second to none!

  As full Inline systems with automatic width adjustment of the transport chain, all IS-I-460 and IS-I-700 modules can be integrated in a production line or between a PCB loader and unloader within minutes.


  Configuration Variants

 IS-I-460SM or IS-I-700SM as individual soldering module:


   Ideally suited for low throughput requirements or during introduction phase of a new product. The fluxing, preheat and soldering process are performed successively, resulting in longer cycle times.

Two IS-I-460SM or IS-I-700SM soldering modules:


   Ideally suited for high throughput requirements. This variant results in a reduction of cycle time. Parallel processing with two soldering units and use of best solder nozzle dimensions with small solder nozzle in the first machine for solder joints and large solder nozzle in the second machine, consequently throughput of boards will be at least doubled compared to variant 1.


Fluxing module IS-I-460/700FM, preheat module IS-I-460/700PM and IS-I-460/700SM soldering module:


   Ideally suited for high mass assemblies which need to be preheated or need long preheat cycles. Fluxing, preheat and soldering are performed simultaneously. Because the soldering process usually is the most time-consuming process, it determines the cycle time.


Fluxing module, preheat module and two IS-I-460/700SM soldering modules:


   Ideally suited for high mass assemblies, as described in variant 2 and 3.

Model Name   IS-I-460/700 Modular Complete Line
Max. board size

  460 S: 460 x 460 mm;

  700 S: 700 x 700 mm;

Machine dimension

  460 S: L:3000 x W:1200 x H:1390 mm;

  700 S: L:3000 x W:1300 x H:1390 mm;


  460 S: 1000 kg;

  700 S: 1100 kg;

Infrared Pre-heater

  Top: 1,5 - 9 kW;

  Bottom: 1,5 - 9 kW;

  Preheat area: 460 x 460 mm and 700 x 700 mm;

Solder module

  One solder module with capacity of 12 kg (22 lbs);

  Lead free titanium solder pot and pump system;

  Suitable for all alloys;


  Pressure: max. 4 bar;

  Consumption: 1,3 – 2 m3/h (adjustable);

  Purity: 99,99%;

Flux system   Maintenance free "Micro Drop Jet" system;
Heat up time   45 - 60 minutes;
Max. temperature