IS-B-460 – High speed and high flexibility!


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation



   The IS-B-460 impresses with its many types of equipment variants, this system can be provided with a second solder pot to either use two different solder alloys without having to physically change the solder pot or work with two different nozzle sizes - a small nozzle for soldering points in high density areas and a large nozzle for large connectors.

   Alternatively, the system can be configured with a second solder pot for parallel soldering of two circuit boards simultaneously, which doubles the through-put of the IS-B-460.

   With only 1.8 m² footprint this system requires much less space than competing systems. The IS-B-460 can be seamlessly integrated into the production environment of a manufacturing cell.

  Configuration Variants

 IS-B460 S

   „S“ stands for “Single“, which refers to the configuration with one titanium solder pot and one MicroDrop Fluxer.

 IS-B460 D

   “D“ stands for “Double“, which means that this machine configuration is equipped with two solder pots and one fluxer. This system is suitable for the use of two different solder alloys (e.g. unleaded and leaded). By simply switching between the two solder pots in the software the operator does not need to physically change the solder pot.

 IS-B460 P

   “P” stands for “Parallel”. The IS-B-460P has two solder pots and two Fluxer which are aligned exactly to each other. With this machine two boards can be processed parallel in one soldering cycle. The whole process of fluxing and soldering happens parallel, which doubles the throughput. The IS-B-460P is ideal for very large volumes and short cycle times.

Model Name   IS-B-460
Max. board size   460 x 460 mm
Machine dimension   L:1268 x W:1430 x H:1560 mm
Weight   420 kg
Infrared Pre-heater

  Top: 1,5 - 6 kW;

  Bottom: 1,5 - 6 kW;

  Preheat area: 460 x 460 mm;

Solder module

  Up to two solder modules with capacity of 12 kg (22 lbs) of eatch;

  Lead free titanium solder pot and pump system;

  Suitable for all alloys;


  Pressure: max. 4 bar;

  Consumption: 1,3 – 3 m3/h (adjustable);

  Purity: 99,99%;

Flux system   Maintenance free "Micro Drop Jet" system;
Heat up time   45 - 60 minutes;
Max. temperature