High quality ESD floor for professionals. We can put ESD floor in your factory and give full process control advice and service.



Our offered Toro SC is a homogeneous, conductive resilient flooring with iQ PUR for excellent wear resistance and cleaning characteristics. The advanced conductive properties are achieved by carbon-black particles running straight through the product, and a pure carbon backing. Rolls are installed with standard flooring adhesive. Tiles and copper strips always require conductive adhesive. iQ Toro SC has the powerful advantages of our iQ floorings during its lifetime. iQ Toro SC has a non-directional design available in ten colours. The range is colour-coordinated with other homogeneous floorings from Tarkett. Areas of application for iQ Toro SC include the electronics and petrochemical industries, operating theatres, computer rooms, clean rooms and similar areas.



  • High quality static control flooring
  • Electrical resistance of 5x10 4-10 6 Ohms
  • iQ unique self regerenerating properties
  • Best life cyclecosts on the market
  • VOC below quantifiable level and phthalate free
  • 100% recyclable




Light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02) - Level ≥ 6
Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
Electrical behaviour - vertical resistance (EN 1081) - Ohms R1 5x10⁴ ≤ R ≤ 10 / R2 5x10 ≤ R ≤ 10
Electrical resistance R ≤ 10
Electrical insulation (VDE 100, Part 600) - Ohms R1 ≤ 5 ≤ 10
Electrical behaviour - body voltage (EN 1815) - kV < 2
Thermal resistance (EN 12667) - m² K/W Approx. 0.01
Thermal conductivity Approx. 0.01
Clean room test A
Bacteria resistance (EN ISO 846 Part C) Does not favour growth
Total thickness (EN 428) 2 mm
Wear layer thickness (EN 429) 2 mm
Total weight (EN 430) 2.95
Unit KG/M²
Abrasion group - volume loss (EN 660 – 2) - Group P
Abrasion group - volume loss (EN 660 – 2) - mm3 ≤ 4
Residual indentation (EN 433) - mm Approx. 0.03
Format Tile
Dimensional stability (EN 434) - % ≤ 0.25
Length 0.61 M
Width 0.61 M
Description (EN 649) Permanently static conductive pressed homogeneous vinyl flooring
EAN code 7393799166358
Classification - commercial (EN 685) - Class 34
Classification - industrial (EN 685) - Class 43
U - Upec classification U4
P - Upec classification P3
E - Upec classification E2/3
C - Upec classification C2
NF UPEC certificate number 312-016.1
Impact sound reduction (EN ISO 717-2) - Lw - dB Approx. 4
Production plant address Tarkett AB S-372 81 Ronneby Sweden
Design type ALLOVER
Design TORO
Colour GREY
NCS colour code S2020-R90B
Colour family Blue
Colour tone Medium
Inspiration Mineral
Aspect Full through design