Flexible Impingement-Heat Tooling


Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation

   Impingement heat ensures precise and consistent substrate heating for reliable fluid dispensing when contact heating is not an option.

    Dedicated heated tooling is often required to enable proper fluid flow once dispensed on the substrate. Heated tooling is custom-designed depending on the substrate and carrier type. Temperature values are stored in the Fluidmove® recipe and automatically retrieved when loading the program.

    Added as an option to the S2-920 dispensing system, Controlled Process Heat (CpH™) software increases functional control that eliminates operator interaction altogether. This includes software-managed heat levels (for example, warm up, process ramp, cool down, etc.) with programmable shut-off timers and "step-down" or "no-heat" capability when a part is not present. CpH™ control improves yield and thermal footprint efficiency by requiring less power.


  •   Quick-disconnect power fittings for easy changeover
  •   Up to 1,200 watts for rapid substrate heating
  •   High-quality, black-anodized aluminum body finish for durability
  •   Coated exterior to prevent fluid adhesion


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