DJ-2100 DispenseJet Non-Contact Jet



Scorpion Fully Automatic Dispensing System of the Next Generation

    Nordson ASYMTEK’s DispenseJet valve is a non-contact jet providing the fastest fluid dispensing of surface mount adhesive (SMA) available.

    The jet can deliver up to 300,000 dots of fluid per hour, which is well beyond normal production requirements. For electronics assembly requiring speed, dot consistency, and tight process control, the jet is ideal. Different sized dots can be applied by simply programming to dispense multiple shots in the same location.



  •   The DispenseJet® valve's superior performance is achieved by using a patented high-speed mechanism to shoot precise volumes of adhesive directly from the dispense nozzle onto the substrate
  •   Eliminates z-axis motion during dispensing and virtually eliminates height sensing, which greatly improves speed and throughput
  •   Tolerates greater variations in PCB planarity

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Jetting fast surface mount adhesive (SMA) dots

with the DispenseJet DJ-2100 on the Spectrum S-910