Automatic Spray Cleaning System for PCB De-fluxing, Misprints and Solder pallets


Today´s continuously growing demands
on electronic assemblies require

more and more products including
final cleaning in the assembly
process. Assemblies working in difficult
climatic conditions, assemblies which
have to be coated or potted in insulation
material or assemblies with active
chips which have to be wire bonded
are most critical on final cleanliness.
COMPACLEAN is a system, which
can provide the necessary cleanliness
with minimum cost, minimum
time of operator involvement and
minimum environmental pollution!


High quality of cleaning


* Designed for using with non-inflammable  cleaning agents
* Cleaning agent is efficiently regenerated inside the machine by mechanical filtration.
* The consumption of cleaning agent is drastically reduced due to innovative design of cleaning chamber and spray system.
* All process relevant parameters can be programed , monitored and traced.
* High pressure flow of cleaner >200 liters / min. at 0.35 MPa.
* Cleaning agent temperature up to 50 °C (up to 60 °C optionally).
* Optionally: rinsing water temperature up to 50 °C.

* Drying temperature up to 110°C with cooling after drying.
* Fully closed loop system with integrated DI water plant and
* PCB rest contamination measuring in the basic configuration.
* Ergonomic design for easy operation.
* Optionally a two- step rinsing for bigger capacity processes.
* All parameters are controlled by PC with WINDOWS XP® and LCD touch screen interface.
* Fully programmable process with password protection and program library.
* Possibility of logging all process relevant parameters.
* Full traceability process is standard in the software


Technical data

Effective dimension of cleaning chamber: (LxWxH) 500 x 490 x 500 mm
Max. weight of object being cleaned: 24 kg
Cleaning capacity: (Eurocard format - 160x100 mm ) Max. 136 PCB / cycle (standard DMT populated)
Cleaning agent volume: 70 litres
Rinsing DI water volume: Compaclean II 70 litres
Compaclean III: 35 litres (each tank)
Heating temperature cleaning: max. 50 °C (optionally 60°C)
rinsing max:. 50 °C
drying max:. 110 °C
Typical cycle time: (depends on application) washing: 15-20 min / rinsing: 5 min / drying: 10-20 min
Control system: industrial PC, WINDOWS XP®
Software version: English, German, Czech (other on request)
Mains power supply; protection; plug: 400V, 50Hz (3P + N + PE); 32 A; EU 32 A
Installed power: (depending on configuration) from 12 to 20 kVA
Power consumption during operation: (average) 3 kW
Compressed air supply pressure; consumption: 0.6 - 0.8 MPa; 1 l/min
Exhaustion capacity; port diameter: 200 m3/hr; 100 mm
Weight of empty machine: (depending on configuration) 430 - 450 kg