IBL vapor phase - CM800


Mr Big

  • Highest precision and process quality with patented Soft Vapour Phase (SVP) Technology
  • Maximum throughput in Double Soft Vapour Inline operation
  • Board Sizes up to 800 x 650 x 80 mm
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 3-chamber design and integrated heat exchanger
  • Low maintenance due to Cool Handling (all moving parts outside process chamber)
  • Small footprint
  • Easy operation due to soldering automatic and patented process
  • Easy touch screen control
  • Patented IR preheating ideal also for glue hardening and for additional performance


Modes of operation


Heat Level Mode (HL-Mode)
HL-Mode is a simple method of Vapour Phase
Soldering. Variable, almost linear temperature profiles
are achieved by adjusting the heating power.

Soft-Vapour-Phase-Mode (SVP-Mode, Patented)
Enables extremely variable and reproducible temperature
profiles to be created for different requirements.
Soft-Vapour phase is the ability to control the speed the
board enters the vapour and hold it at different positions.

The board can be moved up or down within the vapour
chamber. All steps are programmable.


Automatic mode

The solder automatic provides a reliable soldering
performance and optimises the residual time of the
boards in the vapour phase to minimise thermal stress




  • Fully automatic in-line-operation
  • Three internal process chambers with automatic air locks
  • Easy and straightforward programming of the solder data through the intuitive Touch Screen Display
  • Two independent stations for loading and unloading of the carriers with Cool Handling System (no moving parts in the process chamber)
  • A cycle time of under 20 sec per board is possible
  • Parallel Batch and inline operation available
  • Maintenance free transport system (Patented)
  • Energy management system including standby mode for lowest energy consumption
  • Optional IR-Heating (ideal for glue hardening)
  • Optional UPS (uninterrupted power supply)