End-of-line placer with excellent bare die and oddform capabilities



End-of-line placer with excellent bare die and oddform capabilities

The iX-201 is an excellent stand-alone, final assembly or end-of line solution that offers a unique combination of high placement accuracy and an extremely wide component range.

The best-in-class multifunctional and trolley based iX-201 takes on any production challenge, while maintaining a fast placement rate and a placement accuracy starting at 20 microns. Furthermore, without compromise, it handles fine-pitch QFP, BGA, μBGA, CSP packages and components up to 40 mm tall (or 25 over 25 mm) with placement forces as low as 0.9 or as high as 40 N, including through-hole capabilities.

Best-in-class tray feeding: tray as bottleneck in production is non-existent.
Large tray magazines create large distances between tray shelves, increasing the time to change from one tray part to another. This inconsistent delay causes slowing down some applications. Assembléon’s new and unique tray trolley is the only tray handler using cache positions. During change of application, trays are automatically moved to cache positions to give constant high tray exchange times and maintains the best lines cycle time for any application at any time



Maximum output per hour:
(9.3k IPC 9850)
Placement quality *: < 1 dpm
Placement accuracy CpK > 1 *
40 micron for chips
20 micron for QFP
Minimum component size (LxW)
1.0 x 0.5 mm (0402)
(smaller on request)
Maximum component size (LxW):    130 x 79 mm
Maximum component height (LxW): 40 mm
Programmable placement force: yes: 0.9 to 40 N
Maximum board size (LxW)


515 x 460 mm
(20.28 x 18.11")
800 x 460 mm
(31.5 x 18.11")
Minimum board size (LxW)

50 x 50 mm (2 x 2")
50 x 25 mm (2 x 1")
Board thickness

0.3 to 6 mm
10 mm
Automatic toolbit exchange: nozzles, grippers
Maximum tape feeding positions (8 mm)
212 twin tapes
106 single tapes
Feeding options
(other feeder types on request):
tape, stick, tray,
tape strips, tube
Footprint (LxW) excluding feeders: 1,852 x 1,810 mm
(72.91 x 71.26")