We offer a range of epoxy based adhesives that ensure extremely stable hi-speed dispensability whilst significantly improving bonding strength.
Apart from the hi-speed dispensing adhesives,low curing temperature and printing applications are also available.

Why use adhesives?


Adhesives are typically used in surface mount Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies to hold
the passive, (and sometimes active), components on to the bottom side of the board during
wave soldering. The adhesive is used to bond the surface mount device (SMD) to the PCB, thus
forming a joint between the body of the (SMD) and the solder resist or bare FR-4 board between
the solder pads. This is necessary to avoid the displacement of components from their sites
during high speed placement of passive components. Dispensing equipment must be able to
dispense a precise consistent dot shape with different volumes as appropriate for different size
devices. After the SMD is placed, the wet adhesive must have
sufficient “wet” or “green” strength to hold the SMD in position until cured.


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